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How To Check Land Registration ID Online (2024)
land registration ID is a land identification number. It is a unique number assigned to a specific piece of land. It is mainly for the purpose of identifying a piece of land.
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What Is FAR Full Form And How To Calculate?
The floor area ratio calculates the entire area. Non-occupancy areas such as basements, parking garages, stairways, and elevator shafts are excluded from the square footage calculation.
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Latest Modern Pooja Room Design Ideas in 2024
Traditionally the pooja room design is a sacred space designated for meditation found in every Indian home. No Indian household is complete without this pooja half. It is recommended to place this place of worship in the northeast corner of the hou
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The Best 15 Most Visited Real Estate Websites in India - 2023
In the digital age, searching for real estate information has become more accessible and convenient with the proliferation of online platforms. Now anywhere in India we are in for a lifetime of relaxed living.
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Top 10 Latest Wall Design Ideas In 2023
Wall design is essential for a home. Walls should have modern decoration, bright colors, and traditional style. Walls are generally divided into two types. They are interior walls and exterior walls
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Best 10 Detailed Report On Title Deed
Different aspects help to determine ownership of movable or immovable property. A Title Deed is a very important agreement when a seller is transferring the ownership of a property to a potential buyer for the rightful ownership of a property.
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