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Title Top 5 Tips for Applying for Stunning Coloured Eyelash Extensions!
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Are your customers sick of getting the same old black or brown eyelash extensions and thinking about trying something different to try something bolder and more daring? We’ve got you covered, so don’t worry. When used creatively, coloured eyelash extensions can give clients’ cosmetics a polished, attractive appearance. We offer Eyelash Extension Courses, learn to skillfully perform this treatment and become an expert.

Although testing lashes of various colours can be exciting and enjoyable, a lash technician must follow certain rules. You might be curious as to what these fundamental recommendations for using gorgeous coloured eyelash extensions are. The best 5 suggestions for applying gorgeous coloured eyelash extensions to get the desired results are provided in this post. Prepare to give your client’s lashes some flair so they can stand out in a sea of similarities.

Top 5 Tips for Applying for Colored Eyelash Extensions (Join our Eyelash Extension Courses)

  • Don’t Rush the Pre-Treatment Stage

Preparing the lashes with pre-treatment is crucial before applying coloured eyelash extensions. Cleaning the natural lashes with a gentle cleanser is part of the therapy process.

Then, use a primer to help the extensions attach properly. Rushing the pre-treatment stage disrupts the entire process and produces undesirable consequences. Even if you are tempted to speed or skip the pre-treatment period, don’t damage the client’s opportunity to shine.

Whether you’re treating yourself or a client, the pre-treatment step is all that separates a positive or negative encounter. Before prepping the lashes, make careful to remove any dust, filth, or makeup. This allows you to start with a clean slate and positions you for success. Our Eye Lash Extension Courses emphasise the significance of maintaining lash health and providing aftercare instructions to clients.

  • Always Use a Map

When applying for coloured eyelash extensions, never underestimate the value of using a map or mapping. Failing to use a map increases the likelihood of becoming lost. With a map, you may determine where to place each lash extension. Also, a map directs you to the necessary symmetry before beginning work. Utilizing a lash map is essential when applying coloured extensions; however, it is even more important when working with layers. This allows you to simply select which extension to apply to a specific layer of natural lashes. Whether you’re working with layers or not, start practising your mapping skills as soon as feasible.

Keep your eyes open or ask your client to keep their eyes open to precisely determine the centre of the eye.

  • Properly position the Eye-Extensions, pointing in the proper direction!

It takes a lot of practice to get your lash direction just right. Most people get the lash direction wrong, which is caused by the erroneous positioning of the under-eye patch. As a result, be certain that the under-eye patch is properly applied. If the base orientation is proper, make sure the outer corner lashes fan outwards rather than straight ahead. The eyepatch should be softly pulled down along the rest of the eye line from one side. To get the desired shape, follow a “sunrise-like” pattern. 

Additionally, make sure the lash points point in the direction required by your style. Last but not least, keep a tiny mirror nearby. Last but not least, keep a tiny mirror nearby. It’s a fantastic job instrument, especially for delicate processes like application for coloured eyelash extensions. Discover the various types of eyelash extension courses and how they function by joining our training program.

  • Match The Eye’s Colour

Choose lashes that complement and complement your eye colour. Selecting the proper coloured eyelash extensions enhances the natural colour of the eye. Brown eyes, for example, benefit from warm tones like caramel and golden, whilst blue eyes benefit from cool tones like navy or purple. While selecting coloured extensions for your project, keep the natural colour of the eye in mind. Matching the colour of the eyes creates a beautiful and harmonious look.

  • Play With Layers

Layer location has an impact on the results you can achieve as a result. As a result, you must apply coloured lashes in layers. Put the black extensions in the middle layer if you want to mix them while keeping them noticeable. It’s worth noting that putting the lashes in the bottom layer results in clear visibility, which may not be what you’re looking for. As a result, place the lashes on the middle layer first. Furthermore, if you want to stand out as a lash artist, you need a larger volume of coloured lashes.

Final Thoughts 

Finally, putting coloured eyelash extensions should be done correctly for the greatest effects. This involves being gentle and not pulling excessively. For additional information on how to place the best lashes, visit the Lash Extension Certification. Remember to choose a colour that suits your natural lash colour and skin tone, and take proper care of your extensions to keep their brilliant colour and longevity. Coloured eyelash extensions can offer a spark of personality to any outfit, whether you select a strong and vibrant hue or a more subtle and natural tint.

With these pointers, your clients will be able to wear coloured lash extensions with confidence and show off their styles. Gain knowledge about the different types of Eyelash Extensions courses and their application techniques through our training program. Join now!